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Featured Blogger Program
The goal of the Featured Guest Blogger Program is to provide exposure to service providers of various real estate related services such as mortgage finance, property insurance, title insurance, moving service companies, relocation service providers, survey companies, home security systems, home inspection companies and other service providers to the real estate industry.  In return, the content provided by these guest bloggers will provide valuable information and resources to the website visitors of  Guest bloggers may submit posts to as frequently as every week, or at an interval convenient to them.  Featured blog posts will be highlighted in various areas of the website along with a photo of the guest blogger, as well as a brief BIO and contact information that will appear at the end of each blog post.  Content should be limited to the subject matter of the expert providing the blog post and be for general informational purposes only and not an outright sales presentation.  Here are a few more details and description of how the program works.

What to Submit
Blog articles should be between 350 and 500 words in length and cover general subject matter aligned with the authors experience, background and service or services provided.  Please avoid specific product promotions, offers, or outright sales presentations.  Please provide information that would helpful to the consumer prior to, during, or after the close of a real estate transaction.  Opinion pieces are acceptable, but should be marked as such and will be categorized as such on the website.  Example:  OPINION:  Where interest rates are headed in the next 12 months and why.

How Often Can I Submit Blog Posts to

Blog articles may be submitted no more frequently than once per week.  One to two blog submissions per month would be ideal to ensure your blog posts stay highlighted on the Featured Blog Posts sections of the website.

Where Will My Blog Posts be Featured on

There are three areas of the site where your post will be featured.

1)      On all pages of the website in the Featured Blog Posts section in the middle section of the footer of each page.

footer posts







2)      In the right hand sidebar of the website pages containing a sidebar.

Sidebar Posts







3)      In the Featured Blog Posts section of the main BLOG page.

Featured Blog Posts Section




What Do I Need to Provide in Order to Get Started?
In order to create your guest blogger profile, I will need a good quality “headshot” photograph, a brief bio about yourself or your company your contact information and details and your first blog post article for the site.

1)      Photo – Please send a picture in JPG or PNG format at least 300 x 300 pixels that is not grainy.  The larger the better…I will crop the image to size for the profile photo image on the blog post.

2)      Bio – Please submit a brief bio of about 100 – 125 words that describes your experience, services provided and any certifications or specific expertise you want to highlight.

3)      Contact Information – Please provide all contact details you want me to include in your author profile that will be featured at the bottom of each blog post.  This is how readers will learn about you, your company and know how to contact you.

Sample author profile that will appear at the end of your blog post:

Author Profile









You may download a PDF of the program overview by clicking the button below.

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If you have any questions, or you would like to submit your information to be featured in the guest blogger program, please contact me using the form below or call me at (219) 742-2624.

I look forward to your participation!

Best Wishes,

Patricia McCoy

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