buyers-rea-estate-agent-indianaBuying a home may just be the single largest investment of time, mental energy, and money you will make during your lifetime. If you agree with that theory, then you understand the importance of working with a licensed, qualified, professional real estate agent?

A real estate transaction is a complex legal agreement and involves many parties, working in concert, to bring about the successful closing of the transaction.  Just a few of the parties that make up a typical real estate transaction are the sellers, the seller’s agent, inspectors, mortgage brokers, appraisers, escrow officers, title companies, surveyors and insurance agents.  Not only do I, acting as the buyer’s agent, help you find the right property to call home, but I have over 35 years of experience selling real estate in Northwest Indiana and Northeastern Illinois and my vast years of experience and local market knowledge will serve to help make your new home search as effortless and possible.

As your buyer’s agent, I am uniquely suited to handle a number of critical steps along the path to closing your real estate transaction.

I Will Help You Locate Your Next Home and Determine Its Value
I have been selling homes in the local markets all over Northwest Indiana and Northeastern Illinois for over 35 years.  I have a keen awareness of the area and have seen these communities develop and mature over the past three decades.  I personally tour dozens of properties on a weekly basis.  Whether you are in the market for a single family home, an income producing property or a commercial building, I can help you narrow your search and identify the right properties for you to consider based on your requirements and budget.

I Work Closely With Other Agents and Service Providers to Stay Aware of Trends and Market Conditions
I work closely with other agents in the market to keep up to date on market trends, inventory levels and to stay informed of listings available through a seller’s agent many times before the property is listed on the MLS.  I have close relationships with lenders, insurance agents, inspectors and title companies and work closely with each group from offer to closing to ensure the transaction closes on time and without complication.

New-Homes-IndianaI Help You Determine a Fair and Reasonable Value When it Comes to Making an Offer
After you have decided to submit and offer to the seller, I will help you determine a fair price and reasonable terms based on market comps or a more detailed market analysis. I will help you evaluate recent sales in the area to determine the proper offer and terms of the sale.  Regardless of the market conditions and listing price, buyers ultimately determine the selling price of the property.

I Am Your Advocate, and Represent Your Interests in the Real Estate Transaction
When it comes time to write an offer, I will provide you with the best information to make an informed decision about how to structure the offer, taking into account the offer price, contingencies, inspections, and time-frames.  Having said that, I am not an attorney and I do not offer legal advice.  Should the parameters of the transaction warrant the services of a qualified real estate attorney, I can make a referral to a competent and professional attorney that can assist with the transaction where required.

My Work Has Only Just Begun When Your Transaction Enters Escrow
There is a significant amount of work that occurs behind the scenes in a real estate transaction.  This is where the agent earns their fee, ensuring timelines are met, information is exchanged between all parties, and that the deal “Stays on the Rails” during the escrow process.  As your agent, it is my responsibility to ensure all parties in the transaction are doing their part in the time-frame allotted to complete the transaction.

The Escrow Period is the Time to Get Educated About Your New Home
During the Escrow period, inspectors, surveyors, appraisers, title companies and others will provide you with additional information about your future home.  This is the time to truly understand the current condition and any deficiencies of your new home.  My job is to help you understand the information that is being presented to you and determine if further negotiation is needed based on the detailed information provided about your potential new home’s condition.

historic-homes-indianaThe Transaction Closes and Legal Title Passes to the New Buyer
All of the pieces of the puzzle come together, the transaction closes and legal title passes to the new owner.  The closing is not the end of the transaction but the beginning of a relationship.  Over the past 35 years, I have represented individuals and families in multiple real estate transactions and even handled transactions for their children and other family members.  I LOVE REFERRALS and have built my business with referrals from happy clients I have represented over the past three decades.  I count it as the highest honor to represent a former client years after I helped them buy or sell their previous home.

If you’d like to speak with me further, or sit down and meet in person to discover how years of experience and local market knowledge may fit your needs as a buyer, please fill out the form below and I’ll contact you right away. You can also reach me on my cell phone at (219) 742-2624.

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